South Hills High School



South Hills High School


The Project

Steele & Freeman sought a distinctive architectural element for the South Hills High School project in Fort Worth. With their focus on delivering excellence and personalized service, they needed a unique shade solution that would not only provide functional benefits but also align with the innovative vision of the school.

Arch-Fab, known for crafting custom shade solutions, was enlisted as a partner in this endeavor. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate a striking architectural feature inspired by DNA strands into the school’s environment.

The Solution

Arch-Fab rose to the challenge by designing, fabricating, and installing a one-of-a-kind custom trellis for South Hills High School. The design, inspired by the structure of DNA, featured 4″ square tube posts with beams projecting out, connected by 2″ x 6″ tubes. The intricate “DNA” pattern was achieved with 1″ pipes ascending and descending between the beams.

The entire structure was finished with Kynar Regal White for a clean aesthetic, complemented by Polycarbonate panels on top, ensuring durability and functionality. Arch-Fab’s comprehensive approach, from design to installation, resulted in a visually striking and functionally sound architectural feature.

The Products

The Client

Kline Hardin, with over 30 years of award-winning design experience, shared our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions. This partnership underscored the seamless coordination between all those involved in the project. The South Hills High School project not only showcased Arch-Fab’s expertise in custom shade solutions but also highlighted our ability to harmonize with industry leaders in the education vertical within our home market.

The collaboration resulted in a distinctive addition to the school’s landscape, embodying the spirit of innovation and excellence.

South Hills High School
6101 McCart Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76133

Architectural Firm

Kline Hardin (formerly Jacobs & Associates)
701 Canyon Drive
Suite 110
Coppell, Texas 75019

General Contractor

Steel & Freeman
1301 Lawson Road
Fort Worth, TX 76131

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