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Executive Team

  • Jeff Kenny
    Jeff Kenny President

    Jeff Kenny is our owner and president.  He is passionate about a culture driven by keeping meaningful promises to our employees, clients, and partners.  In casting the company’s vision we hear him say over and over the goal of being “the best shade solution company in the United States.”  When not working hard on being a better leader Jeff is working on being the best father and husband he can be.  His wife Shannon and 3 kids Emma, Audrey, and Hunter are the highlight of his life. As a proud father of 3 he can usually be found outside with the kids playing, riding bikes, swimming, or fishing.   

  • Jeff Cash
    Jeff Cash Vice President of Operations


    Jeff is a young executive committed to improving the people and processes around him.  He studied Communication and Business at Texas A&M University.  As a career sales professional in the construction industry, his focus and passion is developing relationships that lead to valuable business partnerships.  In his personal time Jeff enjoys time with his wife Julie, and 2 children, Ryan and Kate.  He is committed to making Architectural Fabrication a premier place to work and the best choice for Architectural Shade Solutions.

  • Peter Bixby
    Peter Bixby Vice President of Construction

    Peter has been in the construction industry for more than 20 years, with experience in residential, commercial, and industrial projects.  He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management from University of Texas at Arlington in 2008. Peter is committed to providing our customers with quality products, on time, and under budget.

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis Vice President of Production

    “Promoting positive community and economic growth in our company.”

    Ben Davis is a new member of the Architectural Fabrication executive team. As the VP of Production, he utilizes his prior knowledge of mechanics, fabrication, and other trades to streamline production while increasing the quality of products our customers desire and deserve.  In addition to his current role, he also serves as the VP of a Bullmack Powder Coating, overseeing the process and delivery of the products. Previously, Ben has worked in healthcare, the oil field, and as a ranch foreman.

Sales Team

  • Kimberly Bradstreet
    Kimberly Bradstreet Business Development Manager
  • Nick Mitchell
    Nick Mitchell National Account Manager
  • Jared McNeil
    Jared McNeil Retail Account Manager
  • Kendall Springer
    Kendall Springer Industrial / Institutional Account Manager
  • Kelli Eagan
    Kelli Eagan Multi-Family Account Manager

Estimating Team

  • Marty Prachyl
    Marty Prachyl Senior Estimator
  • Nick Allen
    Nick Allen Junior Estimator

Project Management Team

  • Sean Scanlan
    Sean Scanlan Operations Manager
  • Eric Locke
    Eric Locke Senior Project Manager
  • Teresa Coffman
    Teresa Coffman Senior Project Manager
  • Ann Nace
    Ann Nace Project Manager
  • Sarah Clark
    Sarah Clark Assistant Project Manager

HR Team

  • Betty Martinez
    Betty Martinez Human Resources Manager

    Betty Martinez is the HR Manager at Architectural Fabrication. Betty has over 10 years of experience in Human Resources, working within pharmaceutical and recycling industries. As an advocate of the company’s vision, she brings high energy, professionalism, a passion for working with people and providing guidance to reach their professional goals.  She serves to enrich the strength and performance of the company by creating successful organizational cultures, while fulfilling their unique human resources needs.  Betty is a certified professional of the Society Human Resource Management. She was born in Mexico and raised in Texas, loves to spend time with her family and enjoys traveling and all outdoor activities.

Design Team

  • Asim Hasan
    Asim Hasan Engineering & Design Manager

    Asim Hasan is the Engineering and Design Manager at Architectural Fabrication. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and an MBA from the Texas A&M University, Commerce. He holds Professional Engineering (PE) licenses in Texas and Louisiana and is a Model Law Engineer with NCEES. With 10 years of experience in engineering and design teams in companies of vastly different sizes, Asim is committed to increasing efficiencies in the design processes. He believes in the use of up-to-date technologies and software in making Arch-Fab lean and efficient. When not working on effectively leading the design team at Arch-Fab, Asim likes spending time with his wife, a toddler son and an infant daughter. He also doesn’t hesitate to change his kids’ poopy diapers.

  • Avi Yadav
    Avi Yadav Designer
  • Sunny Shah
    Sunny Shah Designer
  • Kent Maxwell
    Kent Maxwell Designer
  • Christina Gieseking
    Christina Gieseking Designer
  • Conner Landers
    Conner Landers Designer

Finance Team

  • Heather Hutchins
    Heather Hutchins Controller

    Heather Hutchins is the Controller of Architectural Fabrication and serves as a member of the ACE Committee. Heather has over 20 years of experience in financial management in the custom manufacturing industry. She received her BBA from the University of Texas at Arlington and has her Certified Public Accountant license. Heather is committed to helping Architectural Fabrication achieve their growth plans by providing dynamic leadership and continuing to promote a collaborative environment where employees can thrive. Outside of the office Heather spends time with her two daughters and enjoys playing soccer, working in the yard and golfing.

  • Cheryl Amirault
    Cheryl Amirault Risk & Receivables Manager
  • Patrick Gilliam
    Patrick Gilliam Office Manager

Purchasing Team

  • Jacob Sunderbruch
    Jacob Sunderbruch Purchasing Manager
  • Curtis Herron
    Curtis Herron Senior Project Planner

Material Management Team

  • Jessica Gordon
    Jessica Gordon Material Manager
  • Jarod McCarty
    Jarod McCarty Assistant Material Manager

Installation Team

  • Walter Timms
    Walter Timms Superintendent
  • Steve Post
    Steve Post Superintendent