Bedford Boys Ranch



Bedford Boys Ranch


The Project

Steel & Freeman, seasoned builders with a 44-year legacy, approached us for the Bedford Boys Ranch project, aiming to elevate the recreational space. Their need was clear: premium shade solutions to enhance the new community space.

Collaborating with OWT Architects for the Aquatics building and Halff Architects for the Concession building, we ensured a tailored approach to meet each architect’s unique vision. This project demanded flexibility, and our partnership with both architecture firms allowed us to effectively address their diverse needs.

The Solution

For the project, we supplied our Atlas and Helios Canopy Systems, aligning with each architect’s vision and tailored to fit each building.

On the Aquatics building designed by OWT Architects, our Atlas units took center stage, featuring a sleek Kynar copper finish. The Atlas unit design allows for adaptability and customization to meet any project’s needs. In this case, we collaborated with another subcontractor, who provided the soffits.

For the Concession building designed by Halff Architects, our Helios units provided effective sun control. The Helios canopies – designed, fabricated, and installed by our expert team – aim for effective simplicity.

The Products

The Client

Working with OWT Architects on the Aquatics building and Halff Architects on the Concession building showcased our ability to adapt and deliver. Both architecture firms, known for their creative approaches, provided valuable insights throughout the project.

Our collective efforts with Steel & Freeman, OWT Architects, and Halff Architects contributed to transforming large, functional spaces into aesthetically pleasing, shaded areas. This project, with its dual architect collaborations, reinforced our commitment to working seamlessly with diverse teams to enhance our local communities.

Bedford Boys Ranch
2801 Forest Ridge Drive
Bedford, TX 76021

Architectural Firms

OWT Architects
5049 Edwards Ranch Road
Suite 04-138
Fort Worth, Texas 76109

Halff Architects
1201 North Bowser Road
Richardson, Texas 75081-2275

General Contractor

Steel & Freeman
1301 Lawson Road
Fort Worth, TX 76131

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