Aide De Camp - 2023


Arch-Fab Leadership Development Program

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
– John F. Kennedy

Arch-Fab’s Annual “Aide De Camp” Leadership Development Program provides our emerging leaders the opportunity to advance their skill sets through external coaching, internal mentorship, and cross training in core business functions and processes.

In the United States Army, Aide De Camp appointees serve as confidential assistants to senior level officers, specifically general grade officers. This tour of duty typically lasts two years and exposes these officers to broader leadership roles and responsibilities.

The candidates selected from our application and interview panel process will spend the 2024 calendar year working with Jeff Cash, Arch-Fab’s CEO, to prioritize, plan and execute on a strategic objective within our business.

In the upcoming year, our efforts will be centered around improving Employee Engagement. We will study highly rated books written on this topic and incorporate external training at the Disney Institute to learn their approach to Employee Engagement, Quality Service and Leadership Excellence. Aide De Camp will utilize this new expertise to develop actionable plans to implement in our Employee Experience.

“Our employees are not just the foundation to everything we do at Arch-Fab, but are the reason why we do them. We will work as a team to evaluate the people, processes, and systems in each facet of our Employee Engagement strategy. Aide De Camp will deploy this new knowledge and experience to implement comprehensive improvements to our most valuable asset, our people.”

– Jeff Cash

2024 Aide-De-Camp Selections

Aaron Crow - Logistics Manager at Architectural Fabrication

Aaron Crow

Inventory Manager

Betty Martinez - Human Resources Manager at Architectural Fabrication

Betty Martinez

Director of Human Resources

Freddy Fuller - Superintendent at Architectural Fabrication

Freddy Fuller

Senior Superintendent

Martin Gandarilla -Superintendent at Architectural Fabrication

Martin Gandarilla

Senior Superintendent

Aide De Camp - 2023