First Park 121



First Park 121


The Project

Mycon, a respected commercial contractor headquartered in Dallas, was in search of shading solutions for their project, First Park 121. Renowned for their dedication to excellence, they needed sunshade units that could enhance aesthetics and provide practicality. Leveraging our longstanding partnership and grasp of their requirements, Arch-Fab was chosen for this venture. The task necessitated a solution that flawlessly merged with the architectural design while upholding uniformity across the entire property.

The Solution

In response to Mycon’s needs for First Park 121, Arch-Fab brought our expertise in shade solutions to the forefront. We conceptualized, manufactured, and installed 18 louvered sunshade units, guaranteeing that each unit precisely matched the project’s criteria and design concept. Through our louvered aluminum sunshade system, we meticulously fashioned these units to introduce dimension, personality, and outstanding performance to the building’s exterior.

This intricate process showcased our ability to tailor our sunshade system, offering adaptability in airfoil blade sizes, finishes, and structural support choices. Our end-to-end approach, spanning from design to installation, ensured a smooth implementation that aligned seamlessly with Mycon’s anticipations.

The Products

The Client

Exchange Circle Business Park was designed by Macgregor Associates Architects, for Brookfield Properties. Macgregor Associates Architects is a firm with a reputation for excellence in the planning, design, and delivery of a wide range of office and industrial project types. They have achieved their reputation by creating buildings that are sensibly and efficiently planned, well-constructed, and aesthetically pleasing.

Our close relationship with Macgregor Associates Architects allowed us to seamlessly integrate our solutions into the design of Exchange Circle Business Park, resulting in a beautiful and functional building.

First Park 121
2051 Midway Road
Lewisville, TX 75056

Architectural Firm

Alliance Architects
1600 N. Collins Boulevard
Suite 1000
Richardson, Texas 75080

General Contractor

Mycon General Contractors
17311 Dallas Parkway
Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75248

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