Arch-Fab's Submittal Process

Follow our Design Team’s Submittal Process

As an End To End Architectural Metals solutions provider, Arch-Fab is committed to the meticulous review of project information, extensive interaction with clients, and the creation of comprehensive documents and plans to ensure success. Our Design & Engineering Team plays a crucial role by producing and providing accurate, detailed submittals for each project. 

Submittals are defined as the shop drawings, material data, samples, and product data that are required primarily for the architect and engineer to verify that the correct products will be installed on the project

In this blog post, we give you a glimpse into our Design & Engineering Team and our process of creating and delivering professional, comprehensive submittals.

Arch-Fab’s Submittal Process

The process of reviewing projects we’ve been asked to bid, developing comprehensive proposals, negotiating, and ultimately contracting to provide an “end to end” project solution. Want to know more? Check out our Pre-Construction process.

The Designer and Project Manager review all relevant documents (Architectural Plans, Takeoff, Budget, Quotes, etc.) to develop ideas and questions to be answered during the Turnover Meeting.

At Turnover, Precon presents all relevant project information to the Designer and Project Manager. The Designer comes to the meeting with questions that need to be answered and gives a timeline for Submittal Completion. This is where the designer’s real work begins.

The Designer must clean elevations, meticulously design models, and compile all submittal pages. The submittal includes edited elevations and reflected ceiling plans, perspective page with notes, plan view, sections view, and applicable color charts.

An internal process of review is performed by the Design Supervisor/Manager and Project Manager and the Designer makes recommended edits. The approved final draft is ready to be sent to the client for review and approval.

The Client Reviews the submittal and determines if changes need to be made to the project. Typically the submittal is returned as Approved, Approved as Noted, Revise & Resubmit, or Rejected.

The approved submittal is then converted into the pre-production package. The computer models used to create the submittal are used to create all of the documents necessary for fabrication and installation.

Arch-Fab’s engineers frequently provide analysis and calculations to assist the design team to ensure designs are suitable for the intended use of our projects. In many cases, our engineers provide “site-specific” calculations on the loads and conditions they will encounter when installed.

The Designer completes a first draft of the Production Package and it undergoes a similar review process as the submittal.

The Designer makes recommended edits provided by the Design Supervisor/Manager and Project Manager to the Production Package.

The project Bill of Materials “BOMs” are reviewed and uploaded. If the BOM has any errors, the Designer will be contacted to make corrections.

The Designer is formally complete with the design project; however, some changes made later can involve the Designer for updates and corrections.

Arch-Fab’s Design Team

Arch-Fab’s Design Team is committed to beautiful designs with detailed submittals and professional customer service. Reach out to us today if you are looking for sun control designs for your project!

  • Curtis Herron
    Curtis Herron Director of Engineering & Design
  • Kent Maxwell
    Kent Maxwell Design Manager
  • Ryan Jeansonne
    Ryan Jeansonne Professional Engineer
  • Jason Pavlicek
    Jason Pavlicek Engineering Systems Admin
  • Mason Leal
    Mason Leal Designer
  • Matt Grybos
    Matt Grybos Design Supervisor
  • Mason Mayo
    Mason Mayo Design Specialist