Arch-Fab 's Preconstruction Process

Providing End-to-End Architectural Metal Solutions

Architectural Fabrication’s Preconstruction team is dedicated to serving our general contracting and architectural partners the highest quality of service and solutions. Our vision is to follow a proven, efficient and effective process of pre-qualifying, proposing, bidding, and securing projects to make our trade partners’ lives simpler. We are experts in Division 10 Sun Protection; so you don’t need to be. Below is Arch-Fab’s preconstruction process and an introduction to the team.

Arch-Fab’s Preconstruction Process

We receive your ITBs and provide timely notification of our intent to bid.

We methodically review plans, specs, renderings, etc. to determine what scope we intend to bid.

We submit RFIs to clarify owner/architect intent.

We engage with our design and engineering team to determine how we will perform the scope of work and determine suggestions for improvements, alternate methods, and/or VE savings.

Assemble subject matter experts, as needed for a more comprehensive collaboration to achieve greater savings at the request of GC, architect, and/or ownership.

We present comprehensive proposals “as drawn,” with suggested VE options, and other recommended additions or exclusions.

We conduct thorough scope reviews in-person, via video conference, or in a pre-recorded video format.

We request, receive, and provide subcontract agreements and submit them to our Contract Administrator for quick, thorough review and execution.

We conduct a meeting with key personnel to “turnover” awarded projects to our Operations Team. A Designer is assigned who will create submittals and production documentation. A Project Manager with his/her team will take overall planning, scheduling, and onsite performance.

After we “turnover” to operations, our work is not complete. We continue to build relationships with our trade partners to ensure we are delivering maximum value.

AEC Representative

Engagement with the specifying community has been integral to Architectural Fabrication’s success and our AEC Representative, Marley Fischer, collaborates with architects, owners, and general contractors to clarify design intent and provide solutions that improve outcomes on job sites and on project budgets. Lunch and Learns, project meetings, specification writing, review meetings, and membership in key industry associations keep Arch-Fab integrally connected to the people who bring our products to life.

Arch-Fab’s Preconstruction Team

Arch-Fab’s Preconstruction Team is committed to professional performance and meaningful relationships with our valued trade partners. Let us know how we can help and add value to you today!

(L-R) Bailey Klement, Scot Burton, Philip Klement, Joseph Beas, and Marley Fischer. Not pictured is Melissa Galua.
(L-R) Bailey Klement, Scot Burton, Philip Klement, Joseph Beas, and Marley Fischer. Not pictured is Melissa Galua.