Extruded Aluminum Sunshades

Architectural Fabrication’s extruded aluminum sunshades are 100% customizable with many different blade, fascia and outrigger profiles available. Our aluminum sunshades add depth and character to the building while offering supreme performance and comfort to the occupants inside.
Architectural Fabrication Aluminum Sunshades are a field assembled product made from extruded aluminum components.

Customization Options for Aluminum Sunshades

  • Infill types have a wide range of sizes for the airfoil blade, shutter blade, tube, half tube or round tube
  • Outriggers are available in multiple shapes, sizes and finishes
  • Overhead Supports or No Overhead Supports
  • Fascia options are available in multiple shapes, sizes and finishes
  • Finish options include mill aluminum, powder coat, kynar and anodized
  • Captured or floating ends are available
  • Fully functional Revit Models are available


Louvered Sunshades | LS225 ShuttersWall Mounted Trellis


Our Aluminum Sunshades can be connected to multiple wall conditions, including: tilt wall, CMU (filled/unfilled), stick & brick, EIFS, and more.