Presidium Revelstoke

the challenge

The customer needed entrance canopies installed on the first and second floors that required a specific Kynar coating to match their existing sheet metal color. They also needed a trellis structure to be installed over a curtain wall system. They wanted the trellis structure with a slim design with straight lines and a wood-like finish to help give the exterior more of a modern feel.

The Solution

We provided our Atlas aluminum canopies without soffit panels for the entrances. We were also able to design a modern Trellis structure with a custom wood grain powder coat finish.

About Revelstoke

Presidium Revelstoke is an upscale, 408-unit three-story apartment community in North Fort Worth. “Presidium Revelstoke was designed to make life hassle-free for its residents in one of North Fort Worth’s most up-and-coming areas,” John Griggs, co-founder and co-CEO of Presidium, said in a statement. “Our team focuses on sculpting a sense of place, immersed in sustainable, technology-rich environments, and this project perfectly models those characteristics. We look forward to fueling that passion in our other upcoming developments.”

Project Summary

In early 2019, long-time top account, Provident General Contractors submitted an ITB for an upcoming signature multifamily project in North Fort Worth. Seeing competitive prices in the architectural specifications, Clint Gerstner, recommended we reach out to O’Brien Architects and after numerous interactions with architects and multiple rounds of bidding, the project was awarded to Arch-Fab in November ‘19.

Highlights from the Scope of Work

  • Exterior clubhouse built with exterior aluminum tube “slats” with wood grain powder coat
  • Interior clubhouse contains charcoal fascia and wood grain tongue and groove panel system on canopy
  • Trellis structures built with tube frames, I-beam cross supports, wood grain powder coated tube infill, and posts
  • Wood grain powder-coated tubes attached to structural steel
  • Fabricated and installed sub and mainframe for fireplace
  • Provided and installed soffit underneath canopies with wood grain powder coat

the details

Atlas Aluminum Canopies
Custom Trellis Structures

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