Benchmark Bank



Benchmark Bank


the project

Rogers O’Brien Construction, a prominent name in innovative construction, approached us with a distinctive challenge for their latest project. Partnering with the esteemed architectural firm Good Fulton & Ferrell (GFF), they sought to create a visually captivating element for the Benchmark Bank.

The aim was to enhance the building’s aesthetic appeal while providing partial sunshade. Our relationship with Rogers O’Brien and our close partnership with GFF positioned us as the ideal collaborator to meet their unique requirements.

The Solution

We conceptualized, designed, fabricated, and meticulously installed a Louvered System for the Benchmark Bank project. We adapted our louvered sunshade product to create a striking visual feature that extended up the building’s exterior and onto the roof. This innovative system seamlessly blended form and function, adding depth and character to the structure while providing practical sun protection.

The Products

  • Aluminum Louver System (22), Alaska White Powder Coat

The Client

Our collaboration with GFF on the Benchmark Bank project was an embodiment of our commitment to excellence and innovation. With a shared dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results, our partnership thrived. As a result, the Louvered System we provided not only met the aesthetic and functional requirements of the project but also contributed to the bank’s identity as a distinguished architectural landmark.

The synergy between Arch-Fab, Rogers O’Brien Construction, and GFF underscored our ability to translate visionary concepts into tangible, remarkable structures.

Benchmark Bank
5958 Royal Lane
Dallas, TX 75230

the Owner / Developer

the architect

Good Fulton & Farrell Architects
1701 River Run
Suite 800
Fort Worth, TX 76107

the contractor

Rogers-O’Brien Construction
1901 Regal Row
Dallas, TX 75235

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