Arch-Fab's Invitation to Bid Process

Our ITB (Invitation to Bid) Process

At Arch-Fab, we take great pride in providing end-to-end architectural metal solutions, but where do they start? With an Invitation To Bid (ITB)! Our Preconstruction Specialists are specially trained to review each ITB we receive and thoughtfully determine if we’re the right fit for the project. See how our process works.

Who is the Customer? | Invitation To Bid (ITB) Process

Who is the Customer?

When we receive an ITB, we evaluate the general contractor who submitted it, our history and relationship together as well as people we know in their business as we seek to determine alignment.

What Type of Project is it? | Invitation To Bid (ITB) Process

What Type of Project is it?

Next, we consider the vertical segment to ensure that we are undertaking projects that best align with our particular areas of expertise, allowing us to provide maximum value to our trade partners and their clients.

What is the Scope? | Invitation To Bid (ITB) Process

What is the Scope?

As a specialty solutions provider, it is crucial that we take the time to determine design intent by reviewing project plans and specifications. When we determine that we are specified on the project, that we’re capable of performing the project to our standards, and/or can add value by providing alternative solutions the client may not have considered, we proceed to the final step.

Where is the Project Located? | Invitation To Bid (ITB) Process

Where is the Project Located?

We provide solutions to our trade partners throughout the continental US, most often performing turnkey services (design, manufacturing, and installation) closer to home and “ship to site” when installation by our team isn’t required or feasible. Once again, our goal is to maximize value, and we are always happy to discuss how to do just that whether you’re right down the road, or halfway across the country!

If you are looking for a trusted partner for exterior sunshade or metal solutions, explore our products and learn more about us. If you think we are a good fit for your project, give us a call at 817.926.7270 or request a quote today!