Our spotlight  is focused on Brooke Weinzierl, a member of our design department.  We can’t think of a better person to be the subject of one of our first blog post!  Brooke joined the Architecutral Fabrication team in May of 2016, after graduating from TCU with a BS in Biology & Psychology. You might be wondering how someone with a degree in Biology & Psychology would end up working for a shade solution company.  Keep reading…

Brooke found our job posting on a site called FrogJobs at TCU (site for Career & Professional Development).  She didn’t have any drafting experience or knowledge of our products, but was eager to learn all that she could to begin contributing to the team.  Our hiring committee was less concerned about her background in drafting and more focused on finding the right type person to join our family.  We definitely made a great choice!

Before we brag on Brooke, we should tell you about our “Turnbuckle Award”.  In our business, overhead canopy supports, called “turnbuckles” are an integral part of our product design.  Not only do they add texture and aesthetic appeal to a building, they also add valuable support.  Each month, our company nominates an employee of the month to receive the “Turnbuckle Award”.  The winner receives a shiny red mini-turnbuckle, recognition at our monthly company meting, a cash bonus, and a highly coveted front row parking spot.

Brooke was awarded the “Turnbuckle Award” in December of 2016 for her outstanding contribution to the design team, her eagerness to assist other departments with a “can do” attitude, and her pro-active help in getting the office set up after moving to our beautiful new facility.  She was also a major contributor to the content on this website!  

We asked Brooke what the favorite part of her job was, and here’s what she had to say, “I really enjoy looking at architectural plans and viewing what the client wants and helping them achieve their design intent, because we actually cater to each individual project.  It’s fun to put that design into a model and see the finished product installed.”  Take a look at one of her favorite projects, The Brickyard

When Brooke isn’t creating submittal packages for our projects, she’s an avid runner, loves boot camp style work outs, she likes attending concerts with her friends.  

Congratulations, Brooke!  We are thankful for your contribution to our team!


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