Arch-Fab Awarded Patent on Extruded Panel System

Arch-Fab Awarded Patent on Extruded Panel System

On April 26, 2022, Architectural Fabrication was awarded its 4th US Patent, utility patent #11,313,135 B1 for its innovative Extruded Panel System.

Aluminum siding rose in popularity as an alternative to brick and wood cladding materials until it began to decline in the late 1970s due in large part to concerns about durability (denting) and the lack of aesthetic appeal. More recently, aluminum has begun to re-emerge with extruded plank systems gaining popularity on commercial job sites in vertical (wall panel) and horizontal (soffit panels) applications; however, competitive extruded panel systems have the same drawbacks of being prone to denting and lacking the aesthetic appeal of a high-end finish.

Architectural Fabrication’s patented Extruded Panel System features two unique attributes making them the most durable and visually pleasing of any on the market. This document reviews the patented claims in lay-person’s terms and the detailed patent abstract and supporting documentation follow.

Arch-Fab’s Extruded Plank System was designed with support features that run parallel along the center of the extrusion, providing support to withstand damage caused by impact.

Patent | Extruded Plank System | Attribute 1
Patent | Extruded Plank System | Attribute 1

These support features are screw bosses, connection points, for the attachment of Arch-Fab’s exclusive patent-pending End Cap that terminates or caps each panel, creating a solid end that restricts water/debris ingress and presenting a more aesthetically-pleasing three-dimensional plank appearance. These end caps on panels finished with wood grain powder coat create the appearance of solid wood planks and solid color finished planks have a much more heavy-duty appearance when compared to other extruded panels.

The exclusive, patented and Class A Fire-rated Extruded Panel System is the new “gold standard” brought to you by Architectural Fabrication, your end-to-end Architectural Metals Solutions provider.

For more visit the US Patent Office website: USPTO.GOV Patent #11,313,135 B1

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