Wall Panel System

EPS (Extruded Panel System) panels are extruded aluminum and feature integral screw bosses for additional panel structure, to prevent denting, and to allow for easy attachment of patent-pending end caps. These end caps reduce moisture penetration at seams, produce a sleek, finished edge on all sides, and add definition and shadows.


Arch-Fab’s EPS panels lay flat and quickly snap together, creating a smooth, flush, finished surface. Available in a variety of durable powder coat finishes, Arch-Fab’s Wall Panel System comes with a warranty of up to 20 years. We offer multiple configurations that can be manufactured for the extruded panel system: vertical panels (VP), horizontal panels (HP), diagonal panels (DP), and soffit (S) configurations, each having some unique attributes over other panel and soffit systems.


Customization Options

The Wall Panel System has several options to meet the specific needs of your project.

  • Mix and match panel lengths and/or widths
  • Multiple lighting options, including LED, Fluorescent, etc.
  • Trims available in multiple styles
  • Custom panel lengths and trim available
  • Finish options include mill aluminum, powder coat, kynar, and anodized



Our Wall Panel System can be connected to multiple wall conditions, including: tilt wall, CMU (filled/unfilled), stick & brick, EIFS, and more.  Contact us for more details on these different connection types.



General Contractors all over the U.S. choose Architectural Fabrication because we provide a true turnkey solution for architectural shade solutions. Our installers are committed to completing your project on time. The Wall Panel System install includes the flashing, sealant, and hardware necessary to prevent leakage.



Architectural Fabrication provides detailed submittal drawings for each project.  We use these drawings to communicate to our clients exactly what they are buying and how it will be connected to the wall. Samples or color charts will be provided with the drawings to ensure clients get exactly what they want.



Download Edible Specifications which you can incorporate into your drawings.