Extruded Panel System (EPS)

We offer multiple configurations that can be manufactured for the extruded panel system: vertical panels (VP), horizontal panels (HP), diagonal panels (DP) and soffit (S) configurations, each having some unique attributes over other panel and soffit systems.


Why Choose an Extruded Aluminum Wall Panel System?

An extruded aluminum wall panel system has multiple benefits over materials like Hardy Board, sheet metal, and other fibe-based panel systems.

  • Extruded aluminium is lightweight.
  • Extruded aluminum panels have a thinner profile.
  • Extruded aluminum is more consistent and dimensionally stable versus roll formed sheet metal of wood.
  • Extruded aluminum won’t rot or warp like wood.
  • More durable finish options are available like authentic wood grain, faux corten, and virtually unlimited solid color powder coat, anodized, and kynar coated choices.


Why Choose Arch-Fab’s EPS?

Our patent-pending system, specifically, has a number of unique benefits over other extruded aluminum systems.

  • Our patent pending cap system looks more like real wood. It won’t leave breaks between panels and won’t create shadow lines when lighting is installed above or below the panels. Our unique “V” groove creates shadow lines giving depth to the panel for a visually appealing look.
  • Our thin 1/2″ profile won’t interfere with existing structures, lighting, and other clearances – especially important for a remodeling project.


In addition to the benefits above, we offer a unique turnkey solution in that we manufacture and install our products. Plus, we are always looking for ways to perform at optimal efficiency by combining multiple scopes. We are able to save on projects by combining lifts, submittals, delivery, and installation achieving economies of scale.