TTI Corporate Renovations



TTI Corporate Renovations


The Project

Arch-Fab recently had the opportunity to partner with TTI’s newest location here in Fort Worth, TX. TTI is a world leader in providing power tools, and more for brands like Milwaukee, Ryobi, and Hoover to name a few. With such growth, a new TTI location was needed and Arch-Fab had the pleasure of giving character and aesthetic appeal to the updated breakroom.

The Origin

The facilities manager at TTI recommended us to Muckleroy & Falls for this scope of work.

The Challenge

This was Arch-Fab’s first project where the scope of work required hanging battens from the ceiling to create a floating effect. The purpose of the batten suspension was to cover up the ceiling work such as the tiles, air ducts, and other necessities required for ventilation and regular building needs.

The Solution

Our aluminum floating battens were the perfect solution because they were light-weight and strong enough to span the width necessary for minimal attachment, while still hiding the necessary structure at the ceiling. The wood grain powder coating complemented the break room’s design, adding warmth and visual interest. The cable design makes them look as if they were floating and leaving open space in case the ducts above needed required maintenance.

The Products

  • Wood Grain Powder Coated 2”x6” Batten with Cable
  • Beam Clip Attachments and Caps

The Results

Arch-Fab’s relationship with Muckleroy & Falls has only continued to strengthen while this project allows Arch-Fab to build a relationship with architect FRS Design Group. It was also the first step in designing within an interior space using cables, something that will be very simple to replicate on future projects that call for the same needs. Arch-Fab is very excited to find new ways to creatively use the batten system.

TTI Corporate Renovations
2441 Northeast Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76106

The Owner / Developer / Contractor

TTI, Inc.
2441 Northeast Parkway
Fort Worth, TX 76106

The Architect

FRS Design Group, Inc.
1701 River Run Road
Suite 1115
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

The GC

Muckleroy & Falls
3200 Riverfront Drive
Suite 200
Fort Worth, TX 76107

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