LvL 29 Windrose Dog Park



LvL 29 Windrose Dog Park


The Project

Nestled in the growing heart of Frisco’s Legacy West, LvL 29 and Windrose Apartment complexes offer its renters luxury in all spaces beginning with the individual residential apartments all the way to, well, the dog park. The renters and their furry friends can stand under protection from the elements in two fabulously designed and custom fabricated, branded walkway covers connecting the two complexes. Leading landscape architect Kimley-Horn, led the design of this stunningly beautiful amenity and NE Construction managed this project.

The Origin

Arch-Fab was enrolled in this project by the leadership of long-time trade partner, NE Construction.

The Challenge

Arch-Fab embraced the challenge to design, manufacture, and install these branded walkway covers. The shaded covers have differing elevations per post, creating a varying visual aesthetic. Coordination and detailed documentation were required to make sure the posts aligned according to the plan.

The Solution

To make sure the posts were properly placed to create the arching effects throughout the deckpan, the packing team meticulously labeled each post with the corresponding submittal schedule. The attention to detail enabled the installation crew to act with confidence when identifying the correct posts for each spot along the walkway. The custom covers were created by building a radiused tube frame for support and laser cut panels to create the unique logo patterns within each structure.

The Products

  • Powder Coated Walkway Cover
  • Custom Laser Jet Panels Featuring Branch Design and Company Logos

The Results

This was a truly memorable project for Arch-Fab. The LvL 29 Windrose dog park continues to be an inspiration to the Arch-Fab team, representing our best and most collaborative work. It was a pleasure to create both art and true functionality with the walkway cover creating an opportunity for cohesive branding. Relationships with Kimley-Horn and NE Constriction have only continued to strengthen with each project since the park’s completion.

LvL 29 Windrose Dog Park
7945 Communications Parkway
Plano, TX 75024

The Owner / Developer

Windrose/Lvl29, LLC
6000 Columbus Ave.
Plano, TX 75024

The Architect

6160 Warren Parkway
Suite 210
Frisco, TX 75034

The Contractor

NE Construction
420 Southfork Drive
Lewisville, TX 75057

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