Cooper General Contractors Office Building

the challenge

Nearing the end of this client’s project, the originally contracted provider was unable to fabricate and install the canopies to meet the client’s expectations. The attachments and flashing were already installed making it difficult for another company to design a canopy to fit. In addition to this, the client had a very specific look in mind for the deck pans and turnbuckles.

the solution

After several meetings on site with the building owners and general contractors, we were able to figure out a way to remove the existing turnbuckle attachment plates and design the canopies to fit the existing steel tubes. The client was very specific with the look they wanted for the canopies, requesting divergent turnbuckles and “up-down” deck pans. We were able to provide this look, to the customer’s overall satisfaction.

the client

Cooper General Contractors

the details

Three Helios Canopies
8 week turnaround
Custom divergent turnbuckles
Up-down deck pans

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