6631 Stadium Logistics Center



6631 Stadium Logistics Center


the project

Located just down the road from the former Texas Stadium on 183, this CT Realty Investor industrial project is brand new. This project features an integrated Division 10 scope package combining canopies with louvered sunshades, offering full protection from the elements at entries and sun protection at window openings in a visually-appealing design.

The Origin

Having worked with Talley Riggins and Pross Design Group on several projects previously, it was a natural fit for Arch-Fab to participate in the design, manufacturing, and installation of the canopy and sunshade scope for this industrial project.

The Challenge

The scope included anodized sunshades and canopies. The canopies were integrated into the sunshade units to offer full sun and rain coverage over the doorways while offering the unique visual aesthetics of the sunshades. With concerns about increasing lead times and costs due to the supply-chain challenges, Arch-Fab closely adhered to its “end-to-end” internal processes to ensure a successful outcome for long-standing trade partner, Talley Riggins.

The Solution

Arch-Fab was able to meet and exceed expectations by completing the project on time and on budget. Because the Arch-Fab team was tuned into the needs of this project, the final Atlas canopies and louvered sunshades aligned seamlessly to create a sharp visual aesthetic for the building entrances, completing another beautiful tilt wall site with leading architect, Pross Design Group.

The Products

Anodized Atlas Canopy Integrated with Louvered Sunshades

The Results

After initial challenges, the general contract, architect, and Architectural Fabrication were able to coordinate the system to work within the needed timeline while it met the quality standards required by Arch-Fab, trade partner Talley Riggins, and Pross Design Group.

6631 Stadium Logistics Center
2201 Chemsearch Blvd
Irving, TX 75062

the Owner / Developer

CT Realty Investors
2100 McKinney Ave.
Suite 1050
Dallas, TX 75201

the architect

Pross Design Group
5310 Harvest Hill Road
Suite #180
Dallas, Texas 75230

the contractor

Talley Riggins Construction Group
1217 Digital Drive, Suite 100
Richardson, TX 75081

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