Helios 2 Bolt Track Canopy - Patent Approved

Our Bolt Track Canopy “Helios 2.0” System is Patent Approved!

On December 18, 2015, we launched our first patent request for our extruded aluminum canopy design with hidden fasteners. Twenty-nine months later, on May 22, 2018, our patent was granted. We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate and share this with you!

This fully mechanically fastened system will prove itself to be a revolutionary game changer in the canopy world, and a welcome disruption for both architect and general contracting partners. Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to deliver “cheaper, better, faster” to their clients?




Ahead of schedule & under budget for canopies? Oh, yes, please!

In our world, Division 10 Exterior Sun Control / Extruded Aluminum Canopies are often one of the last items to be installed on a project’s exterior and it’s no secret that construction timelines are not favorable to products with long lead times.

We’ll cue the angels singing sweetly and sounds of harps while you imagine for a moment… 50% shorter lead times with a finish warranty to meet AAMA 2605 specification, for less than a standard powder coat finish. It seems like a no brainer, right?

How might the “Helios Bolt Track / Helios 2.0” system change things for you if you’re an architect or a general contractor? As an architect, you have the ability to specify a canopy that is both less expensive and superior to every other canopy product. As a general contractor, you will be empowered to source neatly finished, well fitted canopies for your project without concerns of long lead times once the exterior finishes are installed.

One of the most impressive factors in all of this is that no welding will occur in construction of this system, and all fasteners will be concealed! Exposed fasteners in canopy facias might be acceptable to those other canopy providers, but never at Architectural Fabrication!

Come See Our New Product in Person

We’ll be showcasing this product in at the Texas Society of Architects Design Expo in Fort Worth, TX November 8-9, 2018. Stop by Booth #638 and assemble the canopy yourself, no welding helmet required!

If you want to know more now and you just can’t wait to be one of the first firms to specify this product on your project, we’d love to give you a sneak peek! Please email Kimberly Bradstreet for a product demo or to schedule our AIA approved (HSW) continuing education for your firm!

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