Arch-Fab Turnbuckle Award - June

The FedEx Distribution Center Project Problem

In February 2019, Architectural Fabrication was awarded a contract on the FedEx Ground Distribution Center in Bethpage, New York. This was the first opportunity that Amanda Rousseau, Account Manager, worked from pre-qual to closed won.

The award of this project was tied to a promise that we made to Marcus Organization (GC) to perform on a deadline.  The Project Manager, Lauren Preston, reached out to many subcontractors to perform the install to save our crews a trip to New York. She was able to identify a local subcontractor that met the budget demands of the project. Unfortunately, within hours of the start of install the subcontractor backed out and forced our hand to self perform.

Our Solution to the Problem

Domingo Gonzales, Foreman, was already onsite to coordinate with the subcontractor to ensure that the project kicked off well. However, he was without tools and necessary equipment to perform work. The subcontractor backing out resulted in our team being in a huge bind and required us to immediately mobilize more installers to perform.

Tiearrow Parrish and Morgan James were completing an install in Nebraska and were asked to make the almost 1,500 mile drive to meet Domingo on the FedEx jobsite in New York. This crew installed 891 ft of rollformed canopies in less than 3 weeks and helped get us back on schedule. The install was particularly challenging because everything had to be through-bolted. Robert Ramos traveled up to the jobsite to relieve Morgan after his grandmother passed away. Our crew spent 3 weeks straight out of town away from their homes and families.

Arch-Fab Turnbuckle Award - June

Turnbuckle Award

The Onsite Superintendent, Dan Aragona, for the client gave very positive feedback about the professionalism of our crew and how efficient and safe they were on the jobsite.

The dedication of Domingo Gonzales, Morgan James, Tiearrow Parrish, Robert Ramos, and many others resulted in us saving a relationship with a growth account and Architectural Fabrication keeping a meaningful promise.

Arch-Fab Turnbuckle Award - May