Extruded Wall Panel & Batten Systems

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Introducing the Wall Panel & Batten Systems

Efficiency and ease of installation were integral in the design of each product. The Wall Panel System features a tongue and groove clip system, while the Batten System’s two-part clip system with hidden fasteners lends strength and durability. A long-lasting powder coat finish means these aluminum products outlast traditional paint or wood, and maintain their elegance for decades, without warping, twisting, rusting, or repainting.

Help your vision come to life with various sizes and finishes for a truly customized design. For a stunning architectural feature with the capability to withstand the test of time, use Arch-Fab’s patent-pending, Wall Panel and Batten Systems.

Wall Panel System - Carter Law System
Alternating Wall Panels with Faux Corten Powder Coating
Maple Wood Grain Wall Panel


For many years, Arch-Fab has been designing and manufacturing custom wall panel and soffit systems for a multitude of commercial, multi-family, and retail clients. Seeing a growing demand, Arch-Fab developed the EPS (Extruded Panel System).


Fulfilling a growing demand for creating visually stunning outdoor areas that also provide sun protection, Arch-Fab designed the Batten System with strength, flexibility, and durability in mind.

Presidium Revelstoke | Window Battens
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Presidium Revelstoke | Interior Battens