We’re “All About Those Shops, ‘Bout Those Shops”

It’s time to talk about something near and dear to our construction hearts; something our team takes a great deal of pride in. It’s one of the items we produce for a job that doesn’t get cut, welded, coated, or hung on a wall, but is custom created for every project we are awarded. Every. Single. One. Can you guess?

About Those Shops - Tanger Outlet Center Project

Let’s Talk Shop… that is Shop Drawings

Be honest; have you ever been tasked with reviewing a shop drawing and you can’t quite tell what you’re looking at, or which way the page is supposed to be oriented? We believe that the quality and detail provided in a submittal is essential to the success of a project. The position at Architectural Fabrication is that you should be able to look at a submittal package and clearly understand what scope is being detailed, and the coordination that is going to be necessary to deliver a neatly finished product to the owner.

No matter your role in the construction industry, whether you’re the architect of record, or the field superintendent, you’ve probably been faced with a project where the details are ambiguous at best, or the plans call out for the attachment to be “by manufacturer”. If you haven’t been in this predicament, consider yourself one of the lucky ones!

Just over twenty years ago, we were born as a sign and service company called “Sign & Awning Services”. In 2010, we became “Architectural Fabrication, Inc.” Our focus continues to be providing solutions by fabricating and installing our own extruded aluminum canopies, awnings and sunshades, nationwide. Our design team is often praised for the quality of submittal drawings they produce.

While most anyone can fabricate products and ship them to a job site, we know that installation is where the “rubber meets the road”. That is why we take the time to clearly detail out all of the components of our scope as well as the points of coordination that will be necessary. The submittals that we create are incorporated into the production drawings that we fabricate and install off of.

Do you need to know where the blocking should be placed? Our shop drawings will clearly define those points.

Will you need to incorporate electrical into your canopies? We can make the cut outs in our system for lighting & cameras.

Is the structure post supported? Wouldn’t it be nice to work with a solution provider that can verify the layout of piers or footings to make sure that two trades coordinate seamlessly?

We also have experience working with sign companies to ensure that we are providing enough structure for their signs to mount on our products. This is the difference between a canopy company and a turnkey solution provider.

Rather than just boast about our shop drawings, we’d prefer to show you a sample of our work so that you can see for yourself. If you’d like to have this level of detail and clarity on your project, we hope you will contact us!

Sample Shop Drawings

Tanger Outlet Center Project

The submittals are from a current project we are working on in at Tanger Outlet Center in Fort Worth, TX in partnership with Mycon General Contractors and Adams + Associates Architecture.

Mycon General Contractors
Tanger Outlet Center - Fort Worth
Adams + Associates Architecture